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Company Overview

Our Mission

ClickRobots is dedicated to revolutionizing the service industry by developing and implementing robotic solutions that improve operational efficiency, enhance customer experience, and deliver consistent, high-quality service. The company's mission is to pioneer innovative technologies that empower service providers to excel in an increasingly competitive and dynamic market.

Core Values


ClickRobots is a forward-looking enterprise set on refining the dynamics of the service industry through innovative robotic solutions. From its inception, the company has been strategically investing in research and development, aiming to design robots that can seamlessly integrate into various service sectors, providing enhanced efficiency and a superior customer experience.


The company's commitment to research and development is embodied in its dedicated team. This team has been instrumental in advancing ClickRobots’ vision, working diligently to translate complex service needs into tangible robotic functionalities. Since 2021, the team has navigated through an evolving landscape of technological requirements and market demands, adapting and innovating to create a line of robots that align with the company's high standards for quality and reliability.


In 2022, the team faced unprecedented challenges due to global supply chain disruptions and stringent lockdowns in China (where the manufacture for the products is based). These obstacles, however, did not hinder its progress. Instead, ClickRobots demonstrated resilience, as the team adapted to new ways of working, ensuring that development timelines were met with ingenuity and determination. Despite the difficulties in acquiring parts and restricted staff movement, ClickRobots continued its R&D endeavors, maintaining a focus on its long-term objectives.


The journey of ClickRobots, although in its early stages, is marked by a relentless pursuit of innovation and a deep understanding of the complexities within the service automation domain. The company's ability to persevere through challenging times is indicative of its dedication to its mission and its potential to make a significant impact on the service industry. 


As ClickRobots progresses, it remains devoted to the ongoing development of its robotic solutions, ensuring that each iteration is better suited to meet the dynamic needs of its clients. The foundational years have set the stage for ClickRobots’ future endeavors, positioning it as a company with the resilience and tenacity to lead the service automation industry into a new era of technological excellence.

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